Re/making The Street  

Many housing estates built in the last century are being regenerated. It happens not just in the UK but around the world. The ageing of the buildings, combined with changing needs and differing theories on housing, as well as an altered economic landscape, means that partial or total re-planning and rebuilding often take precedence over refurbishment.

In this section, we select a range of current or recent-past regenerations that are powerful indicators of how we can tackle both the housing crisis while generally upgrading the housing stock. In most cases — but not all — the restoration of the street is a key factor.

Savills’ recent report Completing London’s Streets claimed that up to 360,000 new homes in London alone could be created by regenerating estates so that they returned to more traditional street plans.

It is a powerful claim that is being perused within the Cabinet Office right now.

But that density uplift will need to be backed by the residents and be founded on strong design and building standards that create a sustainable environment. These projects give clues as to the factors that matter.