The distinctive façade design will be a recognisable hallmark of an entire new sports complex, which in time also will include a large athletic venue for events and matches as well as a smaller centre for practice.

The public swimming pool features a 25 metre competition pool, a diving pool, a restaurant, wellness and fitness as well as an adventure area that will give people the opportunity to swim outside into the open air.

The architecture takes into account people’s individual needs so that the arena will meet the needs of both elitist and amateur users in the future. Its regular shape is broken up by large expanses of glazing, placed in relation to the primary functions of the building to ensure both optimal utilisation of daylight and views into the activities of the swim hall.

Between the structure and the façade; mounted in the space between concrete and aluminium, a giant panel of computer-controlled LED lighting brings a dynamic component to the building’s expression. The space between the structure and the facade also allows for deeply recessed windows—an elegant and aesthetically appealing solution that also fills the building with reflected daylight.

The building was inaugurated in September 2014.

Architects: Henniing Larsen Architects
Client: Municipality of Ystad