Tram Square in Purmerend

The tram square (Tramplein) is originally one of the main entrances of Purmerend. Because of the instalment of the Melkwegbridge across the Noord-Hollands Canal, the spatial significance of the square changes. The bus station will remain, but the square will now be orientated towards the water because of the changed traffic routes.

© Jeroen Musch

To prevent the public space from becoming a chaos of lose objects (bus stops, benches, litter boxes, information signs, advertisements, bike parking etc.), all of these functions are divided in 4 main elements. This urban furniture will designed in an unambiguous architectural design and give the square residential quality.

The roof of the existing bus station will be preserved. The wooden top construction is transferred to the central island of the new bus station. The substructure with in it the ticket window, the waiting area and drivers residence, will be modernised. With use of the characteristic materialisation of tiles and glass.

© Jeroen Musch

The requested programme is divided in three parts to have connections on both sides of the square. There are to be light and transparent constructions in the massive stand ( in which the different functions are taken in), so the square will become one space. On the secondary platforms two small elements are placed, that subtly outline the area.

The covered bike parking is part of the fourth element. The stretched out object enhances the relation with the water.

AVIA gas station The design provides an integral answer to the junction of the bike parking and the gas station on Tramplein. By lowering the bike parking, a second ground level emerges, where via lazy stairs from the coffee corner of the gas station, a special place is created with a view over the water and the square. 

Architect / designer: NEXT architects
Client: Municipality of Purmerend
Cost / Value: € 7.000.000,-
Status: Competed