Project details
Architect: IO House
Town: Various

The SPACE by IO House is a modern, eco-friendly living solution.

Featuring smart devices, controllable from a smartphone, all the utilities are integrated and autonomous, including water, electricity, heating, and WiFi.

The minimalist interiors mimic those of a luxury yacht, with wall-to-ceiling windows providing panoramic views of the landscape. The interior is aligned with high-quality materials constructed by designers Antonio Lupi, Vola, Andrew World, Penta Juliette, and Lago. The cabin comes equipped with a built-in kitchen, bathroom, heating and cooling system, and a smart air ventilation system with oxygen level control.

The building generates electricity via solar panels, batteries, and inverters. The autonomous model has a built-in water and sewer system, climate control, ventilation systems, water purifier, GPS positioning and a weather station. In addition, it features a cloud-based video surveillance and alarm system for security. 

The house is delivered by trailer in one piece, and site preparation is minimal. Before installation, IO House review site feasibility, and provide architectural drawings that can be submitted for local permit approval.

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Image Credits: IO House