Solar Egg

Project details
Architect: Bigert & Bergstrom
Town: Luossabacken, Kiruna, Sweden
Developer: Riksbyggen Client: Kiruna's Residents

In Kiruna, Sweden, a public sauna the shape of an egg stands tall, transforming the natural landscape with its glistening golden appearance. Designed as an urban redevelopment project and social sculpture by developer Riksbyggen in collaboration with architects Bigert & Bergstrom, 'Solar Egg' is a public sauna designed to boost local residents' well-being. 

The exterior is clad in gold-plated steel panels which reflect and refract the landscape and establish a natural topography with the icy surroundings. The egg's interior has been constructed using traditional materials including soft pine wood panelling, with benches made with aspen arranged around a heart-shaped wood burning sauna stove. The structure is modular and can be broken down into 69 components allowing for it to be erected in numerous locations.  

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All image credits: Jean-Baptiste Béranger & Bigert & Bergstrom