Municipal Library of Dólar

Project details
Architect: Carlos Quevedo Rojas / Carlos Peinado Madueño (Carquero Arquitectura)
Contractor: Ayuntamiento de Dólar (Program of Promotion Agrarian Employment)
Town: Dólar, Grenada
Client: Ayuntamiento de Dólar

Equipped with a budget of 450 €/m2, Spanish architecture firm Carquero Arquitectos designed a state-of-the-art playroom for the Municipal Library of Dólar, Grenada, located on the Southern edge of the Guardix Region.

The structure traces an organic form, curving around the site, and employs a mix of materials, including steel, concrete, termoarcilla closings and is coated with lime mortar, plaster, and linoleum

A white exterior stands out within the landscape, a flat roof is juxtaposed against the mountainous backdrop, while windows running across one side of the building provides an abundance of natural light and copious ventilation.

The playroom, located on the Western side of the building, extends out onto the terrace which gives the illusion of continuing into the rural landscape.

The room is painted in a spectrum of pink, which promotes a calming effect; and the red and white linoleum demarcates the different zones throughout the building.

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Image credit: ©  Carlos Koblischek