Urban Wild was set up to promote urban greening as a way of dealing with environmental concerns. Its primary project is to put a green roof over a series of 22 commercial premises. It is the first community project of its kind on this scale.

Green roofs combat the effects of flash flooding and as Herne Hill has a major issue with flooding, much of the funding has come from the future benefits of water management. The roofs will form a substantial green corridor down a road that marks the course of the river Effra. This river runs in the sewers and is one of the factors behind local drainage issues.

The green roofs will ‘float’ above the existing roofs on party walls as a solution to the current degradation of some roofs and to allow for extensive planting.

Supporters range from residents to the council, freeholders, leaseholders, shop owners, ecologists, researchers, GLA, Green Roof Consultancy, architects, surveyors, London Wildlife Trust, and more.

Owen Davies, Flood Risk Manager, Royal Borough of Greenwich, commented: ‘”They want to do what?!” was the initial reaction, but as a user of the Thameslink service which runs past the roofs the vision makes perfect sense.’ Installation is from early 2015.

Project developer: Urban Wild Project

Credits as supplied: 

Green Roof Consultancy

John Broome Architects

Landmark Living Roofs