Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon is a project of international significance and will be the world’s first purpose-built tidal energy lagoon power plant, with landscape architects as the creative leader of a major infrastructure project, using their contextual, analytical, creative and communication skills to shape the project. 

It is the first in a series of lagoons that Tidal Lagoon Power Ltd intends to develop, own and operate in the UK. The project not only demonstrates the technical feasibility and financial viability of tidal lagoons, but an approach which puts place-making at its heart - seeking to integrate a major renewable energy power plant into the lives of local people. 

This compelling scheme will afford great social and ongoing economic benefits, not only enlivening sport, tourism and leisure within the bay, but creating new connections with Swansea University and providing a dynamic educational environment culture and arts programme that encourages community ownership.

LDA Design’s masterplan is based on the concept of a ‘Maritime Park’. Defined character areas respond to the existing and developing context of the site, and to the opportunities afforded by the western and eastern landfalls of the Lagoon drawing on the principles of a responsive and cohesive design narrative for place.

Credits as supplied:

Client: Tidal Lagoon Power Ltd

Landscape architect, masterplanner, detail design: LDA Design

Engineers: Atkins Ltd

Architects: Juice Architects and Faulkner Brown

Lighting: Michael Grubb Studio