Sayes Court garden in South-East London inspired some of the greatest ideas in landscape history, ideas which have shaped our parks, countryside and cities for nearly four centuries. From John Evelyn’s Sylva, the bestselling treatise on forest trees, to the founding of the National Trust, Sayes Court has had a profound influence on our relationship with nature and open space.

Now in the 21st Century, under threat from one of the largest developments in London at Convoys Wharf, a local campaign to re-claim this lost garden has shown the power of communities in shaping our cities.

Local residents have worked closely with the developer, planners and partner organisations, to create a new Sayes Court which will cover four acres, including a facility which will act as a focus for landscape research and innovation in London and provide opportunities for local people through education, training and jobs.
The project aims to reach new audiences, change public perceptions and bring landscape to the forefront of the political agenda. The team will use this site to bring together the work of leading thinkers and organisations to investigate the challenges and opportunities facing landscape and horticulture.

Credits as supplied:

Project developer: Sayes Court Garden CIC

David Kohn Architects