"Play on the ramparts", Vestvolden, Copenhagen

The historic ramparts at Vestvolden, Copenhagen, have been given another lease of life as the defining feature within the large municipal park.

Designed by VEGA architects to bring the incredible story of the region’s history to life, “Play on the ramparts” is situated on the old fortifications, introducing play and movement to this historical landscape. Visitors to the expansive and undulating park are greeted by three thematic education stations installed in and amongst the physical remnants of a bygone era. The stations, in one small corner of the park, are designed to create a bridge between past and present, using traditional materials with a modern, sustainable twist, such as Kebony’s sustainable alternative to tropical wood.

The VEGA Park and playground project sits in one corner of the 10km wedge of outdoor space in Denmark’s capital, for families to explore, play and learn about the area’s history.  The park experience is designed so that visitors can imagine how life was for soldiers; the tribulations of daily life and the manually and physically challenging chores they had to complete to maintain the integrity of the armouries. The playground is also themed to include features specific to the region, for example the light ‘pavillons’ are interpretations of the former tent structures used for camping on the ramparts when having training sessions. One of the original look-out points has been restored, which once provided important military vantage point and now encourages visitors to scale the steep slope, exploring the whole park.