Project details
Architect: Lyall Bills & Young
Contractor: Barhale, Black & Veatch, Hutton Group, Morrison Construction
Client: Thames Water

Pudding Mill Pumping Station connects the new sewer system built for the Olympic Park to the existing Northern Outfall Sewer. The pre-cast concrete panels of the circular outer wall are pigmented and some are cast with a relief pattern, inspired by the Victorian engineering drawings of Joseph Bazalgette. The tower performs an important ventilation function whilst the glowing blue lantern which sits on top of this structure provides a useful means of wayfinding for the wider area.

The Old Ford Water Treatment facility takes mixed storm and foul water from then Northern Outfall sewer and by a process of filtration produces ‘grey water’. This supplies non-potable water to a number of buildings and venues throughout the Park. The choice of timber cladding, stone gabions and extensive green roof will enhance the biodiversity of the site by extending habitats. Old Ford is a small protected woodland situated just 150m from the Olympic Stadium.

The two new ground-water pumping stations at Stratford Box and Old Ford sit within the context of the Park. They form part of a new water-main scheme that will provide an additional raw water source for London during drought conditions. The design of both pumping stations take account of the need to preserve and enhance the character of the surrounding open space.

The simple forms and thoughtful designs of these four buildings directly reflect their engineering function and each has a modesty appropriate to its location.