In-between the trunks of the beautiful Öijared forest one can sense a new figure, zigzagging between the trees and blending in with the environment from which it’s made.

Kjellgren Kaminsky has designed a new hotel adjacent to the Öijared Golf Club, designed by Gert Wingårdh in 1988.

The new hotel, consisting of 34 rooms, a conference room, lounge and offices, will convey a sense of countryside where the vivid forest and its genuine materials are present trough wood, stone and dim colors.

The hotel is based on the same invisible grid as the existing clubhouse, but contrary to the clubhouse which is dug down in the earth the hotel stands on pillars. Therefore the building has as small impact as possible on the site and enables the forest to continue to grow up close.

In order to blend in with the surroundings the hotel is clad with an exterior wooden screen made of local spruce. The hotel is partly a modular building where the 34 rooms are prefabricated.
© Åke E:son Lindman

The hotel is based on the same invisible grid that the existing clubhouse but is in contrast to its neighbor placed on piles. The placement relate carefully to the site and allows existing forest to grow up close. The entire facility is additionally off-grid.

The Wingårdh clubhouse is space in a hill where the material is rough-hewn limestone, arranged horizontally.

By the foot of this hill, KKA has placed the new hotel. A passage cuts through the hill and connects the underground clubhouse with the new hotel-building that rests lightly on the ground.

A few hundred meters from the hotel's location trees has been taken down in order to clad the new hotel building with a ribbing. The Wooden slats are filtering the volume, which is dipped in traditional rural Falu red color. The facade is made up by six different angles that provides six unique views and a play between the wooden slats and the underlying red color. The course edge of the wood is to remind of the limestone structure in the clubhouse. The wooden slats are arranged vertically in order to reinforce the forest and provide lightness to the house.

On the south side the slats are folded out and becomes sunscreens.

Like the crown of a tree, the wooden slats filters the sky when heaven when crossing the eaves.

In the hotel, visitors can experience the silence of the forest and its ability to absorb sound. The first thing you will experience while entering the clubhouse is the open fire. This element is also present while entering the hotel.

Both the exterior and the interior design departs from the context of the site. The forest-room and the robust materials that dominate the clubhouse. Wooden materials on furniture, walls and floor is combined with furniture and textiles in muffled and warm colors inspired by the forest. The red facade is here translated into a heavy curtain .Dark green niches, illuminated over the door, a specially designed carpet provides a unique and interesting passage.

There are 34 rooms in the hotel, but it is also 200 beds. This means that the variation of guests is maximum. There may be a couple on a weekend trip, some friends of 6 people or three conference participants receiving each a "cabin" in the same room. The hotel rooms has a warm and dark expression, like in the deepest woods. This is manifested by specially-designed dark plywood furniture, robust materials like limestone flooring, solid oak floors, stucco-like walls in a gray dull tone, muffled and deep green and red tones, leather and small brass fittings. From your bed you can lie and follow a bird moving up and down the trunk a meter from your window.

Architects: Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture
Client: Öijared Country Club