In-Sight Concept Store

Project details
Architect: OHLAB / Paloma Hernaiz and Jaime Oliver
Town: Brickell City Centre, Miami, USA
Client: In-sight

Spanish architecture studio OHLAB has designed a minimalist, geometric interior for the Miami-located concept shop of fashion retailer, In-sight. Inspired by the In-sight's logo, a pair of binoculars made from two interlacing circles, an undulating shape has been carved out of the walls and ceilings.

In-sight and OHLAB aimed to create an immersive shopping experience that allows customers to feel as if they are "walking through the brand''. Through the extrusion, translation, and rotation of the logo, an imaginary volume is created. The volume perforates the 24 white panels placed in parallel along the shop floor, creating a geometric tunnel which elongates the space. At the far end, a graphic panel featuring a trompe d'oleil establishes a continuity beyond the limits of the shop floor.

To create the tunnel, white-edged Corian panels were fitted to a curved wooden frame and gaps between the wall panels provide an opportunity for product exhibition, storage, and seating. A simple lighting system takes advantage of the reflective nature of the panels. A series of platforms with integrated swivelled spotlights are directly supported on top of the panels to adapt to the changing exhibition of products in the centre of the shop, and LED strips are integrated into shelves and hangers to accentuate the display.  

All image credits: ©Patricia Parinejad 

©Patricia Parinejad