Muttenz Water Treatment Plant

Located in Muttenz, Switzerland, Oppenheim Architecture Europe has designed a municipal water purification plant. The ‘Muttenz Water Treatment Plant’ resides near the Rhine riverfront, and is designed to not only treat contaminated water, but also educate the public on the scientific process.

The treatment plant is an industrial-looking structure placed within a natural setting. As the architecture collects rainwater and vegetation grows upon it, the building is in constant dialogue with the natural environment. The construction is equipped with 3-phased processes, and pipelines and filters can be seen throughout the building’s facade, showcasing its materiality and form.

The architecture is equipped with a public central open platform which serves as a collection area and stage for presentations. The space is open to the outside and sits upon a pool of water which reflects the daylight and collects rainwater pouring in from the rooftop.

The building is constructed with shotcrete and local clay, which has been combined in such a way which creates a porous texture. The treatment plant is not only a vital tool for providing clean drinking water for the local area, it is a  ‘landmark’ design for the Basel landscape and illustrates the link between architecture and state-of-the-art technology.

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All image credits: Börje Müller