Little Shelter

Department of Architecture Co. has completed ‘Little Shelter’ a hotel located in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Little Shelter pays homage to the area’s traditional architecture, whilst the structure’s asymmetrical forms blend in with the treetop silhouettes surrounding it.

Little shelter is crafted from coloured concrete and features a dazzling facade, carved from the traditional material of the region, wood. In Thailand, wooden shingles are formed from a process which has been developed for hundreds of years. Using the same technique, Department of Architecture.Co developed Little Shelter’s facade from laying the wooden shingles out like fish scales, then cementing them together.

All image credits: W Workspace Company Limited

However Little Shelter’s facade differs on various sides of the building — the entrance is constructed from a mixture of solid wooden shingles and polycarbonate ones which are placed on the lower part of the facade. As sunlight shines upon the facade, it changes the appearance of the building at different times of the day. At night, the light from the interiors gives Little Shelter the appearance of a lantern glowing on the riverbank which blurs the boundaries between architecture and art installation.

On the inside, Little Shelter's interiors compliment the simplicity of the exterior design and feature imagery of well-known architectural events and places surrounding the region, including the floating lantern festival.

Department of Architecture Co. envisions Little Shelter to not only be a place for its guests to rest and unwind, but to additionally illustrate the transformation of Chiang Mai, and reflect its architectural past, present and future.

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