Leaf Chapel

Project details
Architect: Klein Dytham architecture,Yoshinori Nishimura, Yukinari Hisayama
Town: Kobuchizawa, Kitakoma-Gun, Yamanashi
Client: Risonare

Resting within the grounds of the Risonare hotel resort in Kobuchizawa, overlooking Yatsugatake Mountains, is a ‘Leaf Chapel’ designed by Klein Dytham Architecture. The structure is crafted in the shape of two curved leaves — one glass and one steel —and its steel facade is decorated with curvaceous leaf-like motifs.

The white side of the Leaf Chapel is perforated with 4,700 holes, each of which holds an acrylic lens, and as light filters through the structure, a lace-like pattern projects into the building’s interior. As the lighting level alters throughout the day, the projected patterns naturally change, creating a myriad of various patterns inside the building. 

To view more about the project, visit Klein Dytham Architecture's website. 

All image credits: Katsuhisa Kida