Konieczny's Ark

A unique boat-like structure situated in a picturesque mountain slope of Brenna was designed and built for Robert Konieczny himself. 

The architect created a design that 'floats' above ground. The elevated building is treated like a bridge, limiting the movement of the land beneath the structure and allowing rainwater to flow naturally around it.

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Due to the plot location, remote and deep within natural wilderness, a concern for security was fixed by twisting the entire building so that the only one corner was actually in close contact with the ground level. The rest of the home is suspended in the air. This entrance is protected by a drawbridge.

Poured concrete supplied by a local producer, is the main construction material of the house. 

The architect decided that the best possible garden solution for this house  would be not to have one and let the surrounding pastoral fields become the Ark's backyard instead

Authorial collaboration: architect Łukasz MarciniakAuthors: KWK Promes, architect Robert Konieczny
Collaboration:architects Marcin Harnasz, Aneta Świeżak
Structural engineering: Kornel Szyndler
Investor: Robert Konieczny
Site area: 1694.0 m˛
Gross covered area: 78.0 m˛
Usable floor area: 138.0 m˛
Volume: 624.0 m˛
Project: 2011
Realization: May 2011 – Nov 2015