Project details
Architect: Michiel De Backer, Martin Mikovčák – Ark Shelter Studio
Town: North Slovakia – Kysuce

For the past three years the Slovakian company, Ark Shelter Studio, have been working on redesigning, building and testing different types of small dwelling. They wanted to create a structure, and in turn, a place, that provides a comfortable retreat in the heart of nature and as the perfect setting for a detox from the pressures of modern life. From this perspective, Ark Shelter Studio created a new shelter type, which they call, the Ark-Shelter, or the “into the wild cabin”.

They wanted to establish a union with nature, and break down the barriers between inside and out, which the fully opening walls allow for, while the milk glass window in the bathroom provides a gentle incoming light and retains privacy. An extra module is set on the roof with a large window so that guests and residents can sleep under a sky full of stars. The shelter, with its low-tech outlook facade, blends with nature and plays with space and light.

Thanks to an automated system, the heating, cooling, and shadings can be pre-programmed. The double-bed extends into the ceiling and beneath is a hidden jacuzzi, this creates a new relaxing area. Furthermore, the shelter can work completely off-grid through solar panels, batteries, and a rainwater collector.

The shelter is divided into zones. There is a central black box in the middle of the shelter that distinguishes five different areas. The sliding doors in the corners open up to provide more space and the different areas can be completely divided using the modular walls. The left part of the box works as a kitchen and a relaxation zone, the back of the box has a shower and a sink next to the window, and beneath the bedroom, the jacuzzi.

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Photography by Jakub Skokan and Martin Tůma/© BoysPlayNice