House in the Landscape

House is situated next to Zawiercie, on a longish, slightly sloping site, in the buffer zone of the Eagles' Nests natural landscape park.

In this picturesque scenery, using simply shaped volumes and local materials „ House in the….” is trying to become an integral part of its surrounding and to fit well into the landscape.It is set in green surroundings dominated by agricultural use. Old stone church, towering ruins of Morsko and Ogrodzieniec castles, Monadnocks scattered around - rising several meters above the surrounding terrain…

© Maciej Lulko

The house consists of two main volumes -residential zone and two-cars garage, which are connected by openwork, wooden link. It unifies the two separate volumes, allowing light into small courtyard in between

After the Dominus winery ( Herzog & de Meuron ) and Gabion House ( Titus Bernhard ) gabions became frequently used by architects. In this case the main part of the building is finished with gabion baskets ( filled with local limestone) used as an outer skin – kind of camouflage to blend the house in with the landscape.

„Bedroom cube” and the triangle bay are made of wooden slats.
© Maciej Lulko

As a roofing graphite, titanium-zinc sheets with standing seam cladding was used.

On the L-shape ground floor there is main living space area an open kitchen and private part with master bedroom, its bathroom and wardobe. On the top floor two bedrooms and a smaller bathroom are located.

The most striking part, is a day zone, which is double-height open space. Big windows present carefully framed views and give a great insight to a southern west situated garden.

The property is heated by a heat pump. It is also equipped with mechanical ventilation with heat recovery and triple glazed windows.

Architects: Kropka Studiomałgorzata łapaj & kuba kowalczyk
Area: 215m2