Hilton Pattaya Hotel

The lobby on the 17th floor of the Hilton Pattaya Hotel in Thailand features a wavy ceiling designed by Bangkok-based studio, Department of Architecture. The ceiling is the main feature within the space and is constructed from thin, sand-coloured fabric.

The hotel has a low ceiling height in comparison to depth and width, which distorts perception and makes the lobby appear longer. The lobby’s ceiling resembles the lines upon sand which waves make and it leads the movement of visitors from one side of the space to the next. The air conditioning causes the fabric sheets to ripple across the ceiling which gives an outdoor feeling to the indoor space.

At nighttime, strip lighting accentuates the fabric’s linear pattern and the ceiling appears like the glowing gills of an iridescent fish. The objects within the lobby are kept simple, which focuses eyes upon the ceiling. At the end of the space, the architecture is parallel to the sea, which draws visitors towards the beautiful view. 

To view more about the project, visit the Department of Architecture's website

All image credits: Wison Tungthunya