Hanging Gardens House

Hanging Gardens House is designed to achieve a density of 40 homes per hectare – this is almost double the average density of new-builds in England.

This is achieved by the use of roof terraces along with a 25 sq.m. courtyard garden at ground level, rather than a conventional 60 – 70 sq.m back garden. Each dwelling has an overall footprint of only 100 sq.m.
The principle objective is efficiency of land use. The design aspires to provide enjoyable family homes for a densely populated country, where demand is outstripping supply.

Outdoor spaces where privacy is maintained by timber screens preventing lateral overlooking, and pergolas obstructing views from higher vantage points.

The house(s) would be constructed to have high levels of airtightness and insulation. Renewable techniques including photovoltaic panels and air source heat pumps will ensure that the house has very low running costs.

Architecs: Somorjay and Talliss