Granby Four Streets, Liverpool

Assemble won the 2015 Turner Prize with their work on this project, part of an ongoing collaboration with residents who took control of their neighbourhood following years of managed decline and failed regeneration schemes. They reclaimed their streets through collective action and small-scale creative acts that extended from their homes into public space.

Assemble’s work began in 2012, supporting the residents’ bid to take control of empty houses and use them to drive change. The work now spans a range of projects and roles, acting as designers, builders, artists and organisers.

In response to the Turner Prize nomination, Assemble set up Granby Workshop using the process of rebuilding the houses to contribute directly to rebuilding the social and economic infrastructure of the area. Granby Workshop is intended as a place where things are learnt through making; as well as physical craft, it is a space for social, imaginative and political making.

More homes are currently underway and the empty shells of two houses will be turned into a community winter garden and residency space.

Client: Granby Four Streets Community Land Trust Architects (and other roles): Assemble