In South London, a derelict chapel originally built in 1935 has been transformed into an edgy yet tranquil family home. Winning the New London Architecture Don’t Move, Improve! awards the building called ‘Chapel’ designed by Craftworks, features a voluminous triangular rooftop which encourages the maximum amount of daylight to dance throughout the space.

The Chapel’s original form reflects the Gothic churches of German architect Gottfried Böhm — known for winning the Pritzker Prize in 1986. Inspired by Böhm’s designs, when designing Chapel, Craftworks merged traditional architectural styles with contemporary sculptural forms creating a vibrant pearl-coloured interior referencing the elaborate and rectangular windows of Gothic churches and cathedrals.

Restoring parts of the old building successfully, Craftworks crafted the living room’s vaulted ceiling with waxed lime plaster. In addition, the lower ground level was created for bedrooms and a mezzanine level for additional space and privacy.

To learn more about the project, visit Craftworks’ website.

Don’t Move Improve is on at the Building Centre until Friday 26 April, 2019.

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All image credits: Edmund Sumner