Concrete House, Mile End, East London

Situated in Mile End, East London, Studio Gil were commissioned by the owner of a Victorian terraced house within a conservation area to look at options for creating an extension towards the rear of the property and improved remodelling of the existing interior spaces. The proposed solution consisted of creating an ‘infill’ rear extension with connecting views right throughout the house, whilst also creating a physical connection with the existing rear garden.

The interior of the house was massaged to create wider access corridors, improved natural light, and an upgrade in finishes.

The project takes an explicit interest in engaging with existing and proposed surface and materials in a very honest way. A selective palette of proposed materials comprising of white concrete, finish face plywood, reclaimed Iroko timber, and brushed steel was chosen and applied to various surfaces and finishes throughout to complement the existing brickwork and timber construction of the house. Wherever possible, materials were left in their ‘raw’ state so as to emphasise the texture and surface of the material.

Studio Gil worked in close collaboration with concrete specialist sub-contractors, Solid State Bespoke Concrete, in order to develop the concrete design.

The rear extension is flooded with natural light through the use of skylights and a new glazed wall that opens to the rear reinforcing a connection with the existing garden. White concrete and Iroko timber from the internal palette of materials are carried to the external garden surfaces forming utilitarian roles such as planters, benching, barbecue, and storage. The garden is conceived as an external room that will be frequented as much as the internal spaces.

Surface drawings and various physical models were made by Studio Gil as part of the design process to develop the spatial and textural language of the project.