Coca-Cola Beatbox Pavillion

Project details
Architect: Pernilla & Asif
Contractor: Nussli UK

To create a dynamic aesthetic, the design reflected the motion of a graphic equalizer. By combining the visual and the aural, the ETFE “garland” was developed, envisaged as a floating mass of elements rising and falling as they wrap around the circumference of the pavilions primary structure. Based on a reciprocal triangular tiling of prismatic units, the ETFE garland of the pavilion is a rigid, self supporting structure of 5x1 metre ETFE pillows, acting as interlocking air beams to form a cylindrical facade.

This reciprocal tiling became the facade and structure of the building envelope but also a three dimensional interactive journey, through which people could circulate to reach a viewing platform at the top of the building.

As the name Beatbox suggests, the facade is a musical instrument, where each pillow is equipped with a touch sensor that causes the pillows to emit sounds and light pulses when visitors come in contact with it.