Casa Bosques

Casa Bosques is indeed the ‘house in the forest’.  The driveway immediately sets the tone with the forest canopy unfolding as one approaches.  These mature trees are the principal feature to which every living space, both indoors and out, refer to.  It is the ever-present greenness that makes Casa Bosques special.

The main internal volume relates and interacts directly with the various outdoor elements. Sliding glass doors, retractable awnings, folding fence walls, the swimming pool and an abundance of foliage all work together to create a rich and changeable family of spaces and functions that blur the line between the indoors and the garden and the forest beyond.

Project Name:                        Casa Bosques
Designer:                               Adrian McCarroll   
Design Agency:                     Original Vision Limited                    
Photographer:                       Andrew Loiterton
Designer(s):                          Adrian McCarroll, Ken Leung, Stephanie Morton
Client:                                  The Palms Group Ltd

Completed Year : 2012