Bygdøynesveien 15

Bygdøynesveien 15 is being developed into a new comprehensive residential area, combining historic buildings with new housing in a captivating and innovative way. The project will create well-adjusted high-end contemporary architecture aiming at collectively reinforcing and developing the uniqueness and identity of the plot. The new residential area will offer forward-looking apartments. The juxtaposition of new housing and the venerable existing buildings from the early 1900s, including the park and gardens will also highlight the many qualities without compromising the site’s exclusive character. BNV 15 will be an important eco-friendly residential environment with high architectural qualities. The project is developed for our client Bygdøy Boligutvikling.

Architects: ­Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter 
Program: New apartments in a historic environment
Client: Bygdøy Boligutvikling
Size / value: 6 820 m2
Commission type: Parallel Assignment, 1st Prize, 2015
Status: Under Development
Photo credits: RRA, MIR, EVE Images