Consultation with local people and specialists by the National Trust took place over plans for the former car breaker’s yard adjacent to Sutton House. 

The result was a desire to reveal the hidden industrial heritage of the breaker’s yard site but also to transform it into a pocket park, making it work for staging events and serving as community space and a visitor attraction. A playful approach was sought.

Funding by Biffa Award, the Mayor of London’s Pocket Parks and donations enabled Daniel Lobb’s designs, in collaboration with Gavin Turk’s educational charity ‘The House of Fairy Tales’, to be realised. 

The site brought challenges with contamination, archaeology, geology, conservation and historic built environment. Dominic Cole, former Chair of the National Trust independent Garden’s Panel, sees the Breaker’s Yard as internationally significant for its approach to involving the community, the story being told, and the playful way it is told. 

‘The Grange’ double-decker caravan is the showpiece of Daniel Lobb’s design. The surreal, magical interior includes fireplace, Jacobean-esque ceiling, bust, chandelier, staircase and balcony… all made from salvage.

Landscape design: Daniel Lobb

Credits as supplied: Biffa Award, Mayor of London’s Pocket Parks, NT Centres and Associations. The House of Fairy Tales, National Trust staff and volunteers, many helpers from Hackney.