Boxpark Croydon

Boxpark is constructed of stripped and refitted shipping containers and includes 80 units arranged around a covered courtyard space made available for year-round events.

The scheme is a modern-day piazza which will become the area’s focal point for people to hang out and enjoy a wild and ever-changing variety of food, drink and free events.

Boxpark Croydon embraces the original ethos of Boxpark Shoreditch, and then some. Bigger by far, more ambitious and even more radical, it's founded on the heartfelt conviction that people deserve better; that in an increasingly digital era where everything's available at the click of a mouse we need to give people more... and we can do that by creating a place that's a joy to visit and makes you want to stay.

Like it's forebear, Boxpark Croydon will be a home only for carefully chosen fiercely independent, fresh-thinking businesses with a strict 'no high street fascia' rule.

"Croydon is famous for its post-war sky-scrapers and 60s skyline, a time when the town was booming and optimistic. With new ventures such as Boxpark it does feel that there is a spirit of excitement coming to Croydon town centre again." - Jon Grindrod, author of Concreteopia & Croydon Till I Die

"Maybe because it's still scarred by the brutalist architecture of the failed 60s and 70s vision of town planning; maybe it's just lazy anti-suburban intellectual snobbery... it's wrong. I want to rise to that challenge, change people's perceptions of Croydon and make them fall in love with the town they live in. It's not grey, it's not drab - it's the home of Kate Moss, Tracey Emin, and now Boxpark

As part of the wider regeneration of Croydon, I'm determined that as its cultiral, culinary and social heart, Boxpark will put a smile on Croydon's face and a song in its soul. We're not just building Boxpark in Croydon; we're building it for Croydon!

We're very proud of the contribution we've made to Shoreditch's community in the last few years... around 200 new jobs for young people at a time when there was rioting in the streets... more than 200 free events a year (and counting)... free pop-up shops for young local creative businesses to give them a start in retail... we get a kick out of that. It's not just altruism - inspired, young positive people are good business - and that enriches us all...

We're already working with local organisations to develop programmes so local young people can come and work a Boxpark... proper training, proper jobs woth proper prospects..."  - Roger Wade

Boxpark will be located next to East Croydon Station, one of the busiest rail stations in the UK and used by 27 million passengers a year. The Tramlink is used by 28 million passengers a year. There is a dedicated tram stop outside Ruskin Square and it is estimated over 85,000 passengers alight here each week and 30,000 pedestrians walk past each day.

Architect: BDP