'Bobbing Forest' will grow in Rotterdam's Harbor

On March 16th during the National Boomfeestdag (national Arbor Day) a small floating forest of 20 trees will be installed in Rotterdam's Rijnhaven. The creation of the Bobbing Forest is a concept by Mothership inspired by the art work called "In Search Of Habitus". This three-dimensional composition has its origin in Jorge Bakkers’ fascination in the triangle between humans, their habitat and interaction between these two. The elements Bakker used are landscape, water, trees and boathouses. With this sculpture, he wants to inspire people and make them more conscient about their environment and their habitat. 

The Bobbing Forest will mainly consist of re-used materials. The two main parts of the bobbing objects are the trees and the buoy. The trees will be obtained from Rotterdam tree-storage. Each time a part of the city is renovated, trees have to be moved. In the past, these trees have been destroyed. Nowadays the Municipality of Rotterdam owns a tree-storage, where removed trees are placed until they can be moved to a new location in the city. 

Rijkswaterstaat will provide the old sea buoys that are no longer used in the North Sea. 

The ‘Bobbing Forrest’ is an innovative and greening project.

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