Below ground: silviculture and the art and science of city soils

Soil is the foundation of life. It is a dynamic living medium, complex physically and chemically. In cities it needs specification, protection and nurture if it is to support the urban forest.

The vitrine highlights the sensual nature of city soil hidden in the congested below ground world of the city. Soil is a precious resource that should be a primary consideration in advocating the sustainability of London’s tree canopy, which provides vast volumes of biomass in among the inertia of built form.

The related pamphlet is below. It explores the design and science of growing media that can provide for city silviculture while supporting the intensity of use and loadings to which London’s pavements are typically subjected.

Soil is a dynamic medium we generally take for granted. We need to give it more respect: its health is directly related to our own.

Landscape architect: J&L Gibbons in collaboration with Tim O’Hare Associates
Soil Scientist: Tim O'Hare Associates
Exhibition Display Design: Henry Williams
Graphic Design: Eve Izaak