This multi-use enclave offers a high ratio of designed landscapes that promote a healthy lifestyle, features sustainable urban water strategies, and offers comfortable outdoor micro-climates all within a rigorous aesthetic that forges a unique identity for the site. 

Located in the Changping district north of Beijing, the landscape consists of three different bands that organise the plan and respond to a variety of uses from commercial/retail, to central park open space, to residential and office. The central park open space acts as a ‘public green’ alongside sunken gardens located within the central band of the project programs. Another major element is a long curving water feature, which utilises treated rainwater to create play opportunities for residents and the public, as well as to separate private residential from the public space. Striated ground plane paving pattern permits variations and differentiation within the various zones. The ‘strips’ of the paving pattern lift up to become bespoke street furniture, lighting and gateway features. 

The project will achieve high levels of efficiency with its re-use of rain and grey water and a reduction of urban heat island effect through the high green ratio and micro-climate modification by design.

Landscape architect: Martha Schwartz Partners