A post-war estate of six 17-storey monolithic slab blocks, bleakly positioned in an expansive site outside the city, were
demolished in phases from the mid-1990s onwards. Before regeneration the blocks had become difficult to let, suffered high
levels of anti-social behaviour and occupancy had fallen to around 50 per cent.

The failing blocks were replaced byan award-winning low and mid-rise development that has made more effective use of the 58 hectare site. Instead of an inhospitable environment, the new design creates a more communal existence around the mixed tenure housing with strong landscaping and recreational features.
The regeneration team worked extremely closely with residents to arrive at the solutions. More than a thousand new homes exist in the full regeneration, with 734 homes for rent and the remainder for sale, which generated the cross-subsidy that made the scheme possible.

The development now has a waiting list for rented housing with a low turnover of tenants, and the private homes sell easily.

Client: Sanctuary Housing Group
Architects: HTA Design LLP