74 hours in the making: Luton Airport, 1:1000 model

This small-scale exhibition/concept model uses many different processes to achieve the desired look and feel. The buildings were made using 3D printing from CAD information. Once printed and polished these were cast in a polyoptic clear resin to allow the light to travel through them.

The roof was then painted: first in silver, to stop any light bleed, then in the white finish colour. With a 2D image of a texture Amalgam Modelmakers used the laser cutter to raster through the paint allowing the light to travel through and achieve the same effect that was shown in the visuals from architects Weston Williamson.

The runways were made using acid etching where a metal plate is chemically exposed in an acid bath resulting in certain areas of the metal being part etched or removed depending on the design. The base houses LED lighting that shines through coloured filters underneath slots in the etched plate.