3D laser scanning and point cloud visualisation by ScanLAB

This video presents two animations that explore high definition digital pointclouds, captured using terrestrial LIDAR 3D scanning. The spaces are captured in full colour and with millimeter accuracy, creating perfect digital replicas of the architecture and it's contents.

Science Museum Shipping Galleries: A Digital Archive Curator David Rooney gives a guided tour of this 3D pointcloud model of the Shipping Galleries at the Science Museum London. Originally opened in 1963, the Shipping Galleries were home to the Museum's maritime collection until 2012, when the galleries closed. Before the 1800 objects on display were moved into storage, the entire space was 3D scanned, creating this model comprising two billion precisely measured points from 275 individual laser scans. The 3D scan allows this amazing collection to continue to be visited digitally by experts and visitors alike for years to come.

Mail Rail 3D Scans: Hidden London Archivist Martin Devereux reveals the secrets of the Post Office’s own underground railway - known as Mail Rail. Opened in 1927, Mail Rail transported post between the busy terminus of Paddington Station and a network of sorting offices in central London, including the Eastern District Office at its eastern end in Whitechapel. At its peak, 4 million pieces of mail was carried through the system each day. The service was suspended in 2003 and the space has lain dormant until permission was granted to take a portion of the network underneath the Mount Pleasant Sorting Office and open it to the public as an immersive ride as part of The Postal Museum. Before work has begun on this exciting project this 1.6km part of the network was 3D scanned so that a record of the industrial heritage lying hidden beneath London is available for all to experience.

ScanLAB Projects is an award winning creative studio based in London. The practice digitise the world, transforming temporary events and spaces into permanent, compelling digital records, images and film. They design online environments, immersive installations, objects and mobile applications.

Credits: 3D scanning and pointcloud visualisation by ScanLAB Projects. Data captured using FARO x330 laser scanner. Visualisation by ScanLAB tools. Science Museum audio by Box of Toys Audio. Mail Rail Music by Christian Aen.