3Box - Democratic houses

Nested on the edge of La Seine river in Paris, those housing units are now possible thanks to "la Loi Alur".

They do not require any lot acquisition, the right to built is obtained in exchange for a common parts of the existing building’s renovation.

Then, we are able to propose a green housing 40% below the real estate market price, built without any nuisance in workshops, in extremely short time thanks to our patented panels and unique technique of prefabrication.

These patents were achieved in collaboration with a team of engineers and specialists from “Les Toits du Monde”

Theses energy-plus houses are modular systems that may extend, regarding to the users needs. Building on top of the roofs is not only an ecological and economical solution, it’s working against the urban sprawl that kills the social link. It’s also a contemporary way to discover new perspectives of the city, a new Paris above the horizon.

Architects: Malka Architecture
Client: Les Toits du Monde
Area: 180m2
Budget: 680 000€
Year: 2016
Photographs: Courtesy of Stephane Malka