1 Undershaft, City of London

Project details
Architect: Eric Parry Architects
Developer: Aroland Holdings Limited

Plans for the tallest building in the City of London have been unveiled by Eric Parry Architects in London. The 73 storey development at 1 Undershaft in the City of London will rise to 309.6m AOD (Above Ordnance Datum) crowning the new cluster of planned skyscrapers in the square mile. The proposed building also includes the creation of a large public square at the base of the tower and a free public viewing gallery, education centre and restaurant at the top of the tower.

The design for the new tower has been commissioned by Singapore-based Aroland Holdings who are currently developing skyscrapers in capital cities around the world. The design has been penned by Eric Parry, the architect behind the acclaimed St Martin-in-the-Fields project in London’s Trafalgar Square and the new City of London office development at 10 Fenchurch Avenue.

Eric Parry, the architect of 1 Undershaft, said:

“1 Undershaft represents the very best of British architecture in a premier location at the heart of London. It will be a building where the public are put first with a new public square at its base and the capital’s tallest free public viewing gallery at its top. 1 Undershaft will create more of the quality office space that is desperately needed in the capital and will reconnect the city’s tall building cluster with the public.

“The City of London is proving it can yet again attract international investment in creating unique and important new buildings. This building will set new standards for the City in terms of comfort, quality, environmental sustainability and putting the public at the heart of the tower.

“Most tall buildings are used Monday to Friday but 1 Undershaft will be used seven days a week, with the public able to enjoy the new public square, viewing platform and restaurant every day. It will be the jewel in the crown of the City of London and something we hope Londoners will be very proud of.”

A new public square

At the base of the tower a new larger public square will be created. The tower will employ an elevated reception lobby meaning that the public will be able to walk freely beneath the skyscraper. The open public space at the base of the tower creates a connection between two of the City of London’s most ancient places of worship. St Andrew Undershaft and St Helen’s Bishopsgate churches will be connected by the new sightline across the open public square. 1,800sqm of retail space will also be created in a basement-level retail gallery of new restaurants, cafes, and shops accessed from the public square. 

The UK’s tallest public viewing gallery

Londoners are at the heart of the design of the tower. At the top of the building will be a free public viewing gallery, which will be served by dedicated lifts. The free public viewing gallery will be accompanied by an Education Centre with two classrooms for school parties to learn more about the capital, its growth and its history, and London’s highest public restaurant.

The City of London’s tallest building

1 Undershaft will crown the cluster of tall buildings in the City of London. With 73 storeys, rising to 309.6m AOD, the tower will be the tallest building in the City of London. The building will provide more than 90,000sqm of net internal area. The offset design of the core and the rigidity provided by the unique external bracing means floor space has been maximized providing much needed flexible, quality office accommodation for businesses in the City of London.

The tower has been designed to stand proud as the tallest building in the Eastern Cluster of tall towers while respecting the area’s protected views. Special fins included in the design will reduce solar glare and keep the building cool reducing energy use.

Upon completion the building will accommodate 10,000 people. 1,500 bicycle spaces will be provided with new shower and changing facilities to encourage active commuting. Reducing traffic to the building is a priority with the tower and to achieve this an offsite consolidation centre will be created for all deliveries. Deliveries would be made outside peak hours reducing the lorry movements on the roads around the tower.

Public Exhibition on 1 Undershaft

Members of the public are invited to explore the design at a special open consultation being held at the Bishopsgate Institute at 230 Bishopsgate, London EC2M 4QH from 10am-8pm on Monday 7 December and from 9am-8pm on Tuesday 8 December and Wednesday 9 December.

A planning application will be submitted to the City of London in the New Year.