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Wireless Battery Powered CCTV & Alarm System

SafeSite Facilities Ltd

The Minder Wireless alarm is a completely wireless battery powered intruder detection system. Using advanced AI capability to reduce false alarms and accurately detect intruders.

The detectors (similar to CCTV cameras) are wireless and can be installed anywhere on your site, internally or externally. With an industry leading detection range of 35m-50m, they can be positioned around your site to give maximum flexibility and visibility without running cables or power.

The detectors operate in a ‘sleep mode’ to preserve battery life. If movement is detected the camera wakes up and takes high-definition snapshots of the detection. The AI analytics then determine if it’s a false alarm or a real intrusion. The event is then sent to the cloud and monitoring station via the wireless 4G bridge for them to act accordingly.

Our alarm receiving centre will manually review the alarm footage from your site and will call keyholders if someone is detected on site. If necessary, they will call the police immediately if a break-in is identified. We can arrange a local security response if this is required to give peace of mind that your site is protected.

The system uses advanced AI (artificial intelligence) to accurately identify real alarms such as humans or vehicles. Animals and other moving objects such as tree branches are automatically dismissed, significantly reducing the number of false alarms. SafeSite regularly review and adjust settings such as sensitivity and detection zones to keep your system running smoothly.

Wireless battery powered Sirens

Wireless battery powered sirens can also be installed on site. When the detectors identify an intrusion on site, the sirens can alarm for a customisable amount of time. A beacon also flashes to give a visual indication that they have triggered the alarm.

If residential areas are close, the sirens can be set to a reduced period and also programmed to not to go off again for a certain amount of time. This combined with the low false alarm rate of the AI technology, means the Minder Wireless solution is the best option for residential areas or places such as scaffolding where alarms can cause a disturbance.

Where do wireless CCTV detectors work best?

There are many applications where wireless CCTV detectors can work.

Construction sites – House builds or construction sites can benefit from multiple solutions from Safesite such as our CCTV Towers or Wired CCTV . However, sometimes construction sites do not have a power supply early on but still need protecting. In addition, large construction sites or ones with limited line of sight may benefit from multiple wireless detectors, scattered around different places on site.

Demolition sites – Running cables on a demolition site obviously causes problems, but not having security is even worse. With the safety risks being higher than most sites, keeping your site safe from children playing, for example, is essential.

Minder wireless devices can also be easily re-located as the demolition progresses and the key areas to protect change.

Scaffolding – Usually scaffolding needs a wireless battery powered alarm due to the fact there is usually not an easy power supply and running cables is not ideal. Due to the low false alarm rate, Minder Wireless is the perfect solution for a scaffold alarm.

Vacant properties – Turning power off at vacant properties is common practice to reduce the incentive for squatters to move in. This makes having CCTV more difficult. A battery powered Minder Wireless solution is ideal and has long battery life to give maximum cover.

Solar farms / Wind farms – During early assembly, solar farms and wind farms can have very expensive equipment, but no power source. Especially with the positive environment benefits of solar and wind, having security solution which can be powered by solar makes complete sense.

Fly tipping – Problem areas for fly tipping can suddenly arise and need a quick response. Minder wireless can be quickly and easily deployed to protect problem areas where there is no power.

No internet – The Minder Wireless solution uses 4G so there is no need for Wifi or a fixed internet line. Perfect for remote locations or construction sites.

There are many other applications for Minder Wireless so contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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