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PURE link Systems use a centrally located cooling and filtration unit, from which chilled filtered still and sparkling water is piped through wet risers to dispense points located throughout the building.

This concept has been developed to overcome the issues of locating coolers and filters throughout the building thus reducing the enabling works required and also offering a significant saving in energy usage.

The PURE Link System allows a building to offer fresh  chilled and filtered drinking water - with a range of options including ambient,chilled still,chilled sparkling and hot, - to any location in a building. In order to ensure an optimum quality of water at all times, the system has a recirculation function which allows the supply to be constantly flowing back through the cooler, thus avoiding stale water as found in traditional point of use machines.

Various types of dispense points are available, depending on the application, for example - self serve pantry,bottling points and office areas.

By using the70cl PURE designer glass bottles, Clients can also remove the need for buying in any type of drinking water by serving bottled water for meetings and hospitality in a branded bottle, furthe promoting Corporate Social Responsibility and also many clients now use it as part of their drive for ISO 14001 relating to Environmental Management Systems.

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