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SuperStream Accumulator

OSO Hotwater (UK) Ltd


The SuperStream system provides boosted performance for poor mains supplies. Cold water storage using patented accumulator technology guarantees unrivalled pressure & flow rates for multi - outlet demand. Option of the Charger pump can raise system pressure in building to 3.5 bar.

Traditional unvented cylinders depend upon incoming mains pressure and water volume to produce high flow rates. If mains flow is poor, SuperStream systems dramatically boost flow rates available to hot and cold water taps by storing water in a hygienic water chamber incorporating a virgin butyl diaphragm and delivering it to the cylinder and cold outlets when demand exceeds the mains flow rate available.

OSO SuperStream vessel casings are of composite construction. They are both resilient and lightweight, enabling OSO Hotwater to offer a 5 year guarantee. SuperStream can be fitted with Super Series and Ecoline cylinders or for the highest flow rates with PowerCyl F1 cylinders.

SuperStream is typically used for large properties with multiple outlets or in properties where mains flow rate is poor. High flow rates to multiple outlets can be guaranteed even with an incoming mains flow rate as low as 5 litres per minute. When mains pressure is low, the OSO Charger direct on mains pump (WRAS approved) will raise water pressure in the property to increase water outlet performance.

SuperStream requires an additional purchase of an Upstream Fittings Kit which is supplied separately in 22m or 28mm to connect to the cold mains and hot water cylinder (use without Upstream Fittings Kit invalidates Warranty)

SuperStream 200 and 250 Litre models can be installed horizontally (Cradle -code OSI-HCRAD required)


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