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Aggregate Industries UK Ltd

Superflex (surface course range)

Award winning range of surface course materials for urban and rural areas that combines the properties of high fatigue resistance with excellent deformation resistance. It is suited for use in a wide variety of applications but particularly where there is a potential for cracking.

Key benefits

  • Excellent crack resisting properties that mean Bardon Superflex is the ideal material when overlaying concrete
  • Excels in both deformation resistance and fatigue life over conventional mixtures
  • Impermeable, keeping out the unwanted action of trapped water
  • A highly durable product

The Superflex surface course range:

  • Superflex Carriageway has been intentionally designed outside of the regime for BBA/HAPAS to allow a wider range of application and performance enhancement. This is particularly so where durability is placed as of higher importance to high textures. When combined with an appropriate aggregate, in service results from griptester surveys has shown that high levels of surface friction is realised and maintained. It is available in 6mm, 10mm and 14mm aggregate sizes to cover layer thicknesses of between 15mm - 80mm.
  • Superflex Industrial is designed to provide a durable asphalt surfacing for industrial type applications. This product has a lower texture depth than Carriageway to maximise resistance to scuffing from items such as stacking cradles, container forklifts etc.


  • Heavily trafficked (10mm and 14mm) roads 
  • Residential roads (6mm and 10mm)
  • Roundabouts (10mm)
  • Industrial and commercial areas, particularly where heavy loading is an issue (10mm)
  • Combined surface and binder course layers (10mm and 14mm )


  • Industrial
  • Infrastructure
  • Commercial
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