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Slim Sliding Doors

Sieger Systems

This slim framed sliding door offers a modern indoor-outdoor living aesthetic to properties. With the ability to hide the outer frame within the internal and external wall finishes, the Sieger® Slim Sliding Door is an incredibly minimalistic sliding door design especially with the vertical sightlines measuring only 20mm. This ultra slim sliding door is suitable for a wide range of buildings including residential extensions, new build houses, balconies, property renovations and roof terraces.

For those looking for a slim frame to their opening doors the Sieger Slim sliding door system is one of the most minimal systems available on the market. The vertical profiles where the panes meet are just 20mm and the system is designed to be finished framelessly from the head to the base to the sides.

Across the threshold you will experience a completely flush finish. We have also designed the base system with integrated drainage to deal with the extreme wet weather that can be experienced in the UK.

The locking system is easy to use and integrated into the lead sliding door vertical profile which maintains the slim design. Locking is multi point yet operated via one location which makes using and living with these doors easy.

Come and see the Sieger Slim Sliding Door in person at the Sieger Showroom. Contact the team to arrange your personal appointment. Also contact the team for costing enquiries and assistance with specification.


Up to 3 tracks, biparting, opening corners and pocket doors all possible
2.5m wide x 3m tall per sliding pane
Thermal Insulation (EN ISO 10077-2)
Uw values from 1.3 W/m2K
Weather Protection: full testing completed, water (7A), air (4), wind (C5)
Up to 30mm thick insulated double glazing as standard with low e coating and argon gas filling
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