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  • Outputs of 50kW, 60kW, 70kW, 90kW, 110kW, 130kW and 150kW making it suitable for a wide range of commercial applications
  • Lightweight stainless steel heat exchanger for reliable and energy efficient heat transfer
  • Wide 9:1 modulation ratio reducing constant on/off cycling to improve efficiency and boiler longevity
  • A gross seasonal efficiency of up to 97.3% reduces energy consumption
  • A low NOx from 17mg/kW minimises impact on the environment
  • Supplied with the latest Siemens controls with state of the art PCB, offering improved control options
  • The QA75 Twist Knob Controller has a simple descriptive display and easy to use advanced programming functions
  • 0-10 volt connection provides a quick and simple interface with BMS
  • An integrated Cascade function allows up to 16 boilers to be managed by the Siemens controller
  • Its very compact design offers both 130kW and 150kW outputs within the same footprint as 110kW
  • 1" flow and return connections (50-70kW) avoids major pipework modification
  • Programmable to work with solar thermal, biomass and buffer tanks, for a sustainable, energy efficient solution across the complete range
  • Commissioning by Potterton Commercial engineers and service plans are available to ensure your boiler is working reliably and efficiently
  • Five year parts and labour warranty* for complete peace of mind
  • Compact and lightweight stainless steel condensing boiler

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