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SIGA Slate

SIG Design & Technology

Why choose SIGA Natural Slate?
SIGA Natural Slate stands for quality. We have in-depth knowledge of our quarries, where expert quality control teams work to ensure the slate is the best it can be. Apart from their obvious beauty, our natural slate ranges are renowned for strength, fire resistance, energy efficiency and durability.

Of that we can guarantee.

Product selection
Every quarry grades their slates into ‘selections’ during the production process. As there is no harmonised European or industry benchmark, there is little or no consistency across the market defining what makes a particular grade. Every quarry will aim to produce the highest possible proportion of best quality slates, with the lower grade slates more keenly priced.

To ensure you have greater transparency when selecting natural slate, all SIGA Natural Slates are categorised into either ‘Excellence’, ‘Commercial’ or ‘Classic’

An affordable range of good quality slate. Ideal for the refurbishment & volume developer market. These are recommended for experienced slaters, as thickness and quality can be variable, so careful sorting and grading is strongly recommended for the best aesthetics. Comply with NHBC requirements.

All Commercial slates come with warranties of up to 30 years.

Affordable slates of good overall quality make Classic slates ideal for budget conscious projects. Although they require more sorting and grading in order to produce a good roof finish, all SIGA Classic slates must meet the same strict testing and certification criteria as the higher grades.

All Classic slates come with warranties of up to 30 years.

The finest SIGA Slates from the most reputable quarries, selected to provide a long lasting, beautiful roof with minimal grading and sorting, and very low wastage. Offers a readily-available alternative to long-discontinued domestic British slates, with a close match for texture and colour; no compromise on quality.

All Excellence slates come with warranties of up to 75 years.

Other slate ranges available
SIGA Heritage Reproduction stone slate
Hand-crafted using moulds taken from stone slate originals, to give an authentic roofscape with shade variation, a choice of colours and a range of sizes. The glass fibre reinforced cement composition provides an extremely lightweight, yet durable roofing material. A range of compatible products, including ridges and in-line ventilation systems, create an extremely versatile and cost effective alternative to natural products.

SIGA Heritage Reproduction Stone roofing slates are designed to achieve an easy to lay slating format, resulting in a coursed and diminishing stone slate roof.

SIGA Heritage Reproduction reclaimed slate
SIGA Heritage slates couples the look and feel of a product that has been installed many years ago together with the peace of mind that the product is guaranteed for 25 years, having undergone strict industry testing. Handcrafted and available in two colours, purple and grey, SIGA Heritage slates create the look of a gracefully weathered roof with a consistent appearance, perfect for conservation projects.

Ridge and vent tiles are also available.

SIGA Man-Made Fibre cement slate
Made to withstand all types of weather this slate requires no preliminary grading before fixing, making it a cost effective alternative to traditional natural slate. Available in blue-black colour, Smooth Square Edge slates are easy to install, lightweight, do not require grading and are easy to cut, making them a popular option for intricate roof designs.

Conforming to the strongest class, class B in accordance with BS EN 492: 2012+A1:2016, our slates come with a 10 year colour and 30 year structural stability guarantee.

• The widest range of true T1S1W1 (≤0.6%) roofing slate available
• Low wastage rates mean lower labour costs and faster completions
• All SIGA Natural Slates meet NHBC requirements
• Great selections from reputable quarries
• Tailored ranges for your area in stock

Warranties and approvals
Warranties range from 30 to 75 years* and are fully backed by SIG Roofing, the UK’s largest distributor of roofing materials. The performance of the slate is warranted for the stated period, subject to installation in accordance with prevailing British Standards and good roofing practice.

Experienced specialists select all our slates, as well as the quarries that produce them. High quality slates with full traceability come as standard.
• All SIGA slates are tested to BS EN12326-1:2014 (test results readily available)
• All SIGA slates are CE Marked
• Every crate of SIGA slate is marked with EN test results. The SIGA range includes a wide variety of T1S1W1 (≤0.6%) slates to suit NHBC requirements.

*Terms and conditions apply

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Warranties of up to 75 years


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