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When excavation protection and street works demand additional strength and endurance, Safesite WonderWall Barriers offer the optimum system. With extra ballast for enhanced strength in high winds, the system includes many features for additional roadside and excavation site safety – on both sides of the barrier.

Key features:

  • Highly robust and extremely durable
  • Easy installation with no need for extra ballast
  • Reflective panel for high visibility
  • WonderDoor available for this system
  • Innovative space-saving base and panel stacking system
  • Holes incorporated for signage and safety lamps
  • Compliant with relevant safety standards, including Chapter 8
  • Colour coding available for branding
  • Corporate identity embossing also available
  • Available from SafeSite for UK-wide hire or purchase

WonderWall Barriers:

Each barrier unit comprises a base of depth 500mm, which is securely attached to a panel barrier of depth 50 mm, to create an overall barrier of 1000 mm x 1140 mm (width).

With a barrier weight of 21.3 kg, single (unlinked) barriers can easily be moved by one person, whilst forklift entry holes in base make it easy for stacked bases to be moved and transported by forklift.

All bases are manufactured from 100% recycled material, including recycled PVC.

Safety and security

As a robust barrier for use where additional strength is required, WonderWall barrier systems have undergone stringent testing and checking to ensure their safety compliance. This barrier system is fully compliant with the following:

  • Chapter 8 Traffic Signs Manual
  • Safety at Street Works & Road Works – A Code of Practice
  • Traffic Signs Regulations & General Directions
  • Requirements of BSEN8442
  • Reflectivity requirements of BSEN12899-1

To ensure maximum endurance under extreme conditions, particularly high wind-prone areas, WonderWall barrier systems have been fully tested by the manufacturers, at the Mira Wind Tunnel, passing the stringent tests in the following classes:

Class C (criteria 19 mph) – recommended ballast weight for this class: 0kg
WonderWall barriers passed: withstanding winds up to 33.2 mph.

Class B (criteria 39 mph) – recommended ballast weight for this class: 15 kg
WonderWall barriers passed: withstanding winds up to 47.8 mph.

Class A (criteria 58 mph) – recommended ballast weight for this class: 65 kg
WonderWall barriers passed: withstanding winds up to 65.6 mph.

Boxed unit – recommended ballast weight for this class: 40 kg
WonderWall boxed layout passed: withstanding winds up to 63.2 mph.

For additional safety, WonderWall barriers are available in high-visibility colours which can be colour coded for corporate identity. These panels also include a reflective panel and hole for attaching a flashing lamp, for additional visibility and safety.

Linking and layout

SafeSite’s WonderWall barrier system links with a separately moulded peg, which provides a secure fix and offers easy connection between barriers , allowing runs of extra strength barriers to be readily erected, ensuring efficiency in emergency or short-schedule situations. This peg linkage system also means that any dismantling and repositioning can also be achieved quickly.

The peg linkage also makes WonderWall barriers compatible with other barrier systems., including the WonderDoor gates can be easily connected using the door’s S-Clip system, to allow access points.

For additional versatility and security, WonderWall barriers can be used in a double-decked system, for example by adding Heras fencing panels.

Stacking and storage-friendly

Bases are designed to be stacked separately from the panels. Stacks of bases should be moved via fork-lift, so the moulded base includes holes for easy forklift entry.

Transportation can be up to 30 pieces each (base or panel) to a pallet, allowing cost-effective transportation.

Enduring barrier

The WonderWall barrier system is the optimum for endurance, both in deployment and strength in site situations. This easily transportable, long-life system from SafeSite offers maximum strength and cost-efficiency combined.


Height: 1000mm x Depth: 50mm (base: 500mm) x Wdith: 1140mm


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