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RB22 Crash Barrier

SafeSite Facilities Ltd

Our water-filled RB22 crash barriers are designed to withstand impacts from errant vehicles traveling up to 50 miles per hour, making them ideal for bordering off temporary roadworks and areas where highway maintenance is being completed.

Developed to protect pedestrians and drivers alike, these half ton-exceeding (when filled) barriers absorb much speed when hit by wayward vehicles, deflecting them away. Constructed from prime UV stabilised polyethylene, our RB22 barriers interlock with reinforced steel pins, however pivoting walls you create around curves or turns is no problem thanks to their simple yet intuitive design. These barriers can be deployed without a forklift when empty, and they are fully compatible with our mesh and hoarding fencing systems also.


There are a few key things to get right when installing Rb22 water filled barriers to ensure they are stable, secure and can be dismantled again easily. Our handy video shows you the required steps.

Our safety tested crash barriers are available for purchase or hire and we deliver nationwide. Unsure of your site’s traffic management needs? Call the SafeSite Facilities experts today for no obligation advice and a free quote.


Height: 800mm x Depth: 500mm x Width: 2000mm
60 kg (Filled 600kg)


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