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Rapid Deployment Mobile CCTV Tower

SafeSite Facilities Ltd

Rapid deployment CCTV towers are becoming increasingly popular, especially to sites that have no mains power. Running off its own battery and suitable when mains power is not available, the rapid deployment tower (RDT) can be deployed on any site.

Once the battery runs low, a 110v or 240 power supply / generator will be needed in order to trickle charge the battery. We have eco-friendly solar powered tower options available

The self-sustaining tower comes with 4 x cameras for full angled coverage and an audio PA system available to sound with your own message as a warning deterrent to possible intruders.  Speak to your staff on site or deter intruders with our Tannoy system connected to your smart device

We use camera analytics for both motion detection and line crossing, ensuring your site is secure. The mast is designed to extend up to 6 meters for full coverage of a wide area, enabling you to film your project from start to finish via our time lapse video, from snapshots taken and stored every ten minutes.

The system is linked to an ARC (Alarm Receiving Centres) where your site will be monitored, alerting of the slightest movement to our teams who have it covered. If movement is deemed a threat, the Police station local to the site will be contacted immediately and yourself, notified.

You will be provided with your own log-in to access the cameras at any time through any smart device. Passwords and additional users can be added at any time at no extra cost.

These towers include a fork lift-ready design for easy manoeuvring and a very durable – built to last extended periods in any weather conditions.

Our mobile CCTV towers are the most advanced in the industry, with each one being fully integrated and constantly re-developed with the latest in cutting-edge technology to protect your assets – even when you’re not there! Our towers can be dispatched for hire and installed quickly and efficiently across the whole of the UK. Please contact us now for more information.



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Height: 6000mm x Depth: 1010mm x Width: 750kg


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