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Only £1500 per window; all the heritage, craft and detail that have been the hallmarks of sash and casement windows for centuries can be found in every one of our newly manufactured windows.

Ventrolla services include:

Choice Of Glazing: Choose from Single-glazed units - for use where historic protection applies (listed buildings or conservation areas), or Double-glazed units - that comply with current Building Regulations, Part L.

Glazing Specification Of Single Glazed Units: 4mm float glass or 3mm drawn glass is installed into the new sashes and a new box frame made to match the original window (mainly applicable for listed buildings, those within conservation areas and other properties with restrictions).

Glazing Specification Of Double-Glazed Units: Slim 16mm (4/8/4) double glazed units utilising the latest Warm Edge Spacer Bar technology, Planitherm Total+ glass (outer pane) and krypton filled cavity.Centre Pane U-Value of 1.2 Wm²K and Total Window U-Value of 1.5 Wm²K

Timber Specification: The new windows are manufactured from the very finest and durable timber, the choice of which depends on our customers specification and budget. The replacement sashes are manufactured using a range of selected traditional ‘through’ glazing bars and are manufactured and hand finished by our skilled craftsmen.

Ventrolla Sash Removal System (SRS): To assist with future maintenance and painting we can install our patented Sash Removal System (SRS) that enables both the top and bottom sashes to be removed for redecoration.

Ventrolla Perimeter Sealing System (VPSS) Specification: All our new replacement sash and casement windows include the unique VPSS draught system, as standard, which has been tested to BS 6375-1 2009 Class 3, equivalent to 71mph winds.

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