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Maximized Efficiency

Multi V S provides maximized energy efficiency while minimizing operational costs

LG’s 4th Generation Inverter Compressor

Multi V S has high efficiency inverter scroll compressor with frequency range 15Hz~150Hz.

Optimal Heat Exchanger Circuit

Variable Heat Exchanger Circuit intelligently selects the optimal number of heat exchanging paths to increase efficiency.

Smart Load Control

It adjusts indoor discharge air according to outdoor and indoor temperature. This optimizies energy efficiency and maximizes indoor comfort level in cooling/heating modes.

Optimized Comfort

Compact size and design flexibility of Multi V S offers solutions to restricted spaces

Side Discharge&High External Static Pressure

Side discharge and E.S.P. control enables installation at restricted spaces such as balconies and high-rise buildings, without additional duct installation or air turbulance

Night Silent Mode

At night, the system can reduced operation noise by up to 14% compared to standard mode. 

Compact size & Light weight

Small footprint area and lighter weight makes Multi V S to be installed enables installation in high-rise buildings.

Expanded Piping

Extended capability of total 300m piping length, 4-way piping and outstanding elevation difference allows Multi V S to be implemented to various building applications.

Versatile Solution

More than 20 indoor unit selection and solutions makes Multi V S to suit diverse
purposes and demands.

Diverse Indoor

More than 20 choices of indoor units suits any purposes, any space

Heating & Ventilation

Combined with Hydro Kit and AHU, Multi V S is able to offer a wider range of solutions its users deserve.

Error Detection &

The whole new FDD quickly diagnoses system errors and provides optimal solution for maintenance.

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