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Addmaster UK Limited

If you had a magic wand, what performance benefit would you want to add to your product that is not currently available as an additive?

This simple question gave rise to the formation of Addmaster, our philosophy and in particular, our Masterpiece service.

If your product specification requires the creation of a bespoke additive solution, we will research, develop and implement the additive for you.

Unlike other companies, we won’t recommend or supply off-the-shelf solutions that don’t exactly fit your requirements.

Think of us as your free consultancy. The normal route to solving a difficult problem your own team can’t solve might be to employ an external consultant. We don’t believe that this approach encourages innovation,  because the consultant gets paid whether the problem gets solved or not.

Masterpiece takes on customer technical requests free of charge.

Then we give you full support from the moment our application experts engage with you, through to final product delivery.

Our only stipulation is that you buy the successful solution from us.

This business model means that we don’t waste your time because we both need the project to succeed.

We offer a unique resource centre for masterbatches, compounds, liquid or powder dispersions for plastics, textiles, paper, paints and coatings.


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